The Vending 21 Club

An Exclusive Gentlemen's Club

For vending industry professionals

For those with more than 21 years experience in the vending industry

About Vending 21

Roy Pearl - Founding President

Vending 21 was established in 1981 by founding members and president Roy Pearl, to create an exclusive club for those men with over 2 decades of professional experience in the fast moving vending industry.

The purpose of the club was to promote a spirit of camaraderie and fun, in what at times can be a very competitive industry, reflecting as it does the ups and downs of our economy.

We continue to meet to uphold this tradition, in an atmosphere of mutual trust, and to continue to celebrate our professional lives and accomplishments together.

Eddie Smith
We warmly welcome enquiries from men who have worked in the vending industry for more than 21 years and who want to share their professional careers and experiences.
Eddie Smith - President

Vending 21 membership

Vending 21 membership

Our club membership is currently around 90% so if you are a man who has worked in the vending industry for more that 21 years and would like to join our selected ranks and help our organisation grow, please use our membership enquiry form.

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What we do

Vending 21 meetings

The Vending 21 club normally meets twice a year, in the spring and the autumn.

Twice yearly lunches

Included in our meetings at the RAF club in London, is a 3 course lunch in the President's room.

Enjoy Ourselves

Our raison d'être is to spread the spirit of camaraderie and fun and continue this tradition.


We know it's a cliché but sometimes it really is who you know that can make all the difference.

Elect officers & Committee

Our meetings can include the election of new officers, committee members or new members.


The RAF club, London The RAF club, London The RAF club, London

The RAF club, London

The Royal Air Force Club, 128 Piccadilly, London W1J 7PY

For many years we have regularly met at the historic RAF Club in London.

Overlooking Green Park, The Royal Air Force Club offers us the opportunity to meet and dine at one of London’s finest private members clubs (membership of the RAF club is not required).

Set in a fabulous building in London's Mayfair, it is a superb setting and more than adequately meets our club's requirements. We know you will appreciate the elegant and refined environment and appreciate the sophisticated yet comfortable facilities this venue offers.

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News about what has happened to the club, it's members or sometimes the vending industry.

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Personal details of our members so that we can all keep in touch easily.

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Information about the Vending 21 Club and it's activities.

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Images of past meetings, lunches and events.

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Club officers & Committee

Eddie Smith President

For the past 36 years our exclusive club has met to share our experiences, lives and accomplishments. Our founding members and president (Roy Pearl) formed our organisation to have fun and spread the spirit of friendship that our professional lives in vending have given us.

If you are a man, having worked in the vending industry for over 21 years, and want to put yourself into our membership process, please fill our our membership enquiry form with a brief career summary and we will contact you shortly.

Eddie Smith - President
Roger Parker - Committee Roger Parker
Roger Bunn - Secretary Roger Bunn
John Stott - Treasurer John Stott
Ray McNamara - Committee Ray McNamara
John Richardson - Committee John Richardson
David Llewellyn - Committee David Llewellyn

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Please use this form or the email below for general enquiries to the Vending 21 Club. For membership enquiries use our membership enquiry form

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